D.C. Reeves Endorsed by Sheriff Chip Simmons

As mayor I will be focused on cultivating a vibrant, exciting, economically strong Pensacola.

But without a safe Pensacola, we will have none of those things. No business. No tourism. No growing population. No vibrancy.
The first stop on any direction for this community is a primary focus on safety.
Chip Simmons, our Escambia County Sheriff, is a staple of public safety within our city limits. He dedicated much of his life, 29 years, to the Pensacola Police Department including serving as Pensacola’s Chief of Police.
Successful results have followed Chip at every stop in his decorated law enforcement career including notable improvements in his first two years as Sheriff.
I’ve had a chance to learn from Chip and many others in our local law enforcement community about best practices, strengths and improvement opportunities to be the safest Pensacola we can be. I’m excited for an opportunity to support our officers, to put them in positions to be successful and to continue to build a strong, collaborative relationship between HQ and City Hall that protects, serves and respects every corner of our community.
I’m grateful to have the support of Chip Simmons in my hope to lead Pensacola to great things.
“I support D.C. because he knows that making Pensacola a safe place to live is Priority No. 1,” Simmons said. “D.C. has proven himself as a successful entrepreneur, business leader and Pensacola community advocate. But he also understands that safety comes first. He knows how to lead organizations, how to communicate, how to make tough decisions and I’m excited for Pensacola under D.C.’s leadership.”